Friday, November 22, 2013

Truth in the Tinsel Treat

Well I'm trying to not let the holidays sneak up on me but I'm not sure I'm doing a very good job at it!
Still don't have next week plans ironed out and nor do I have how I want to use Truth in the Tinsel with Lil' Hunkie for Advent.  Here's a brief recap of how we've used it so far..

If you're new here, Truth in the Tinsel is a ebook written by Amanda White that guides you taking your children through Advent....learning about Jesus. Last year she incorporated the printable ornaments and so Lil' Hunkie and I just colored them, cut and put them on the tree that was in his room.  And then I still have that book I made the first year! Included in the story of Jesus is a daily craft which I'm thinking about doing or I was thinking about making a coloring book...I can't decide and time is running out!  Lil' Hunkie loves to paint so I know he would love the crafts. 

What I have decided on, is offering you a discount code for the ebook!!
Just use code VINTAGEGWEN at check out to get 20% of the ebook.

How do you plan on going through Advent?
Happy Friday!

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Sami said...

I was really hoping to add a little Christ to our Christmas but I'm having a little trouble with B being so young. We're going to do our best though!