Friday, January 4, 2013

Chic Couture-I'm a Julep Maven!

Well I couldn't resist any longer! I became a Julep Maven!
Julep is mainly a nail polish company and offers a monthly subscription similar to Birchbox and Ipsy.  It's a little bit more flexible in that you have a 'preview' period and if you don't like what's in the box then you can skip it and not be charged! The monthly fee is a little more...$19.99...but with the option to skip and for what you get in a box I'm thinking it will be worth it.  I'll be letting you know!
To get started you take a quiz to determine your Maven style!

I happen to be Classic with a Twist!

courtesy of Julep


"This timeless, iconic look is marked by beautiful yet simple cuts and colors. You accent your neutral palette with carefully chosen textures, patterns and splashes of color. Whatever the trends, you're uninfluenced by short-lived fads and always remain confidently in style." -
This is pretty accurate! How about that? I at least strive to be classic with a twist! Ha!
My intro box is going to be great!
courtesy of Julep

I'll keep ya posted!!
Happy Friday!!

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