Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Soiree Day-Free Puppy Love Party Printables

I could easily become addicted to making printables! I am no expert at it but it sure is fun and so appealing to me! I was thinking and thinking about what I would post for Soiree Day today and I kept thinking 'puppy love' and how it would be a cute kid's Valentine party theme. So I opened up PicMonkey and got to work.  Now what I'm not an expert on is the sizing, resolution and scale of things.  I will have to study if I'm going to make this a habit! Until then if you know how to make adjustments then go ahead!

Puppy Love Party Invitation

Puppy Love Party Tags

Puppy Love Flags
{Right click and save to use for personal use.}

Lil' Hunkie and I just might have to have our own little Valentine's party!  
 I know printables are very popular, I've enjoyed using them myself! 
Is that something you'd like more of?
Would love some feedback!

Happy Soiree Day!

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