Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Soiree Day-My Favorite Things Party

Well where in the world have I been?! 
Thanks to the awesome gals at My Sister's Suitcase
I just became aware of a trending party theme.....My Favorite Things Party.
Apparently Oprah and her 'Favorite Things' episodes sparked a party trend! You gather some friends, have them bring their favorite appetizer or dessert and a certain amount of their favorite thing.  So for example 5 of  a $6 or less item. So then everyone goes home with 5 different, awesome new things. You can work how you hand out the items in your own way....draw for them or invite just 5 people so everyone goes home with all the same things. And of course the price of the item can be adjusted as well. 
It sounds like so much fun that I'm trying to think when would be the best time for me to try this out! Ha!
Here's a round up of some parties I found on Pinterest.
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As you can see you can throw this party in any fashion you desire!
 And at any time of the year! 
Remember those awesome My Sister's Suitcase gals? Well they made a printable tag and are sharing it! Go HERE to download!

Now I'm off to ponder some planning! ☺

Happy Tuesday!


Unknown said...

Hi beautiful girlie! I don't see the link up button, but I am also sleep deprived so I may have missed it ;)

xoxo, Tanya

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

THis is such a super cute idea! I love it.