Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Soiree Day-Vintage Carnival 1st Birthday

Happy Tuesday! 
 I hosted our church's ladies meeting Friday night and I tell ya, I wore myself out getting the house ready! I really think it's the excessive heat we are having! I started the day out by doing the touch up paint on the outside of the house and felt like I was on one our Mission Trip's to Mexico! Sheesh!  So I took me a little break!  All is well now! 
I found the loveliest Vintage Carnival 1st Birthday while browsing Someday Craft's link party last week and am excited to share it today!

All photos courtesy of Lauren Rebecca.

True loveliness! This soiree is a great example of  DIY planning and using what you have. Or what your mother has! I  really love how it turned out!  Be sure and visit Lauren's blog for more pictures and party resources!

Happy Soiree Day!


Lindsay said...

This is such a beautiful party! I love the whimsical look that was created. Great attention to detail as well!

Tresa said...

This is so pretty and sweet.