Thursday, July 26, 2012

Easy Sewing Machine Cover

Well today is the last of my craft room projects. My sewing machine isn't really all that old.  It came with a flimsy plastic cover that just didn't last long, especially with Lil' Hunkie around.  So I knew I wanted to make a new cover for it since it has to be stored on the very bottom shelf of the bookcase, plus there's all that light!   I had a stretched out in the neck knit shirt that was in my pile of things to do something with that I thought would make the perfect cover! Bonus: this cost nothing!

I shared this over at The Crafty Scientist a couple of weeks ago in case you missed it!

Here's what I did!

Sewing machine and general sewing supplies
Scrap fabric
Hot glue gun

Such a cute shirt!! Glad I thought of a way to keep it around!

Good ole' Singer!

Started off by cutting off the top 1/4 of the shirt.  I had eyeballed measured and the top of the lace on the bottom half was just right for length wise so when I cut I allowed for a seam.

Now I have a tube basically.  I slid the shirt down over the machine and pinned at the ends of the handle to leave a slit.  

I then marked underneath....

Next I turned the shirt inside out and using the seam as a guide ran a stitch from both sides inward towards the marks....

Then I measured the sides, about 3 inches from the edge, and ran a stitch on both sides....

Finally I made a couple of rolled flower pins, pinned them on and done!!

I love it and love that it was free!

Happy Thursday!

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Morgan said...

This is super cute and seemed really simple! What a great refashion for your sewing machine!

PitterAndGlink said...

Such a cool idea!

Lindsay said...

This is adorable! What an awesome tutorial! Thanks friend!

BeCr8iv said...

This turned out so cute! It looks fabulous!

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