Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vintage Gwen Chapel-1st #SheReadsTruth Plan Recap

About 21 days ago I joined the #SheReadsTruth community and have completed the 1st reading plan.
I'm not sure if I'll recap all the plans but I wanted to the 1st one because I enjoyed it so much!
One of things I enjoy about this, is how people share how they're going through the plan. Several ladies journal and then share photos on Instagram and my favorite so far has been Her Southern Charm.
She is so artistic with her journaling!  It inspired me to try and find a journaling app and I found one I really liked...Penzu (and just looking briefly at it online it looks cool!) but my silly old phone doesn't have enough storage for it! So I found Textgram and used it about 9 days out of the 21.  If something really stuck out or ministered to me then I would create the Textgram then share it on Instagram.  I'm still not sure if I like it.  Maybe I need to use good ole' pen and paper.  All this technology is amazing and it really helps you feel like a community but at the same time there is a line that can be crossed where it seems like I'm more attached to the technology then to God.  And I need God more than I need technology.  The reading plan was awesome and reminded me of some truths. *See Photos Above*
The current plan started on Thursday so there's still time to join.  It's on prayer...something I don't do enough of.  I'm liking where being part of the #SheReadsTruth community is taking me even if I'm still trying to figure out how to share!
{How you share is up to you! A lot, a little, how it best fits you.)

Here's this week's truth in lock screen form courtesy of Victoria in Kansas....

Happy Weekend!

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still being [molly] said...

awesome recap, jennifer! i am glad that you are are being blessed by #SheReadsTruth! i LOVE it :)