Friday, February 18, 2011

Fantasy Dressing Room

At 3 in the afternoon I'm usually playing with my little Hunkie. And for right now it's ok to not have cartoons on so about the only thing that interests me has been the Nate Berkus show.  His show is packed full of so many cool decorating ideas, including diy projects and he adds some fashion tips as well!  He does a House Proud feature where people who are proud of their living space get to show it off and a couple of weeks ago Lizzie Carney and her 1930s bungalow was featured and I LOVED it!

Especially this room!! Her dressing room! Wow! I might be drooling...
Read more: here and I briefly looked at this, it's where Lizzie is a designer. No wonder her house is so Fab!!

Happy Friday!!

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