Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Photo A Week Challenge

Is it really June already?!
A new month means new photo challenge time! I thought I'd change it up a bit this month!  Instead of a prompt everyday I thought I'd do a prompt per week. I will be honest, I was behind the whole month of May and still have to do the last two days! So with a just one prompt a week I can take at least one or as many as I want for the week.  Less pressure with more opportunities to be creative? We're gonna find out!! Would absolutely love for you to join me!
Simply take a photo inspired by the  prompt, interpret the prompt how you like. Then share on Instagram with #VGphotoaweek. Please use new photos that you take. Please do not use anyone else's photo...this is about you and your pictures. Or you can create a image for the prompt, but it must be something you create
This is how I'll be breaking the weeks up:
WEEK 1: June 1-7
WEEK 2: June 8-14
WEEK 3: June 15-21
WEEK 4: June 22-30
Hope to see you on Instagram!! And Happy June!

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