Thursday, June 18, 2015

{Recipe} Spicy Candied Turkey Bacon

I love making food gifts.  
When I'm stumped on what gift to get, making a treat is fail proof for me.  
This past week I had such a scenario! I've wanted to try making spicy candied bacon for a while now  and this scenario was the perfect reason to!  I'm sharing because I did read a few recipes and none of them were for turkey bacon, which is what I chose to experiment with and it turned out soooo yummy! And I also used my toaster oven!

Spicy Candied Turkey Bacon

1 regular package of turkey bacon
brown sugar
ground cheyenne pepper

I heated the toaster over to broil.  My toaster oven has a pan with a rack.  I put foil on the pan and sprayed the rack with Crisco (Pam would work to).  Next, I laid out  5-6 pieces of bacon on the rack.  Then, I covered each piece with brown sugar and sprinkled on the cheyenne pepper, this is to your taste.  The person I made this for loves spicy! I didn't go too crazy but some pieces were hotter than others.  Put the pan in the toaster oven and baked for 8-10 minutes. (I started out at 10 minutes with the first 2 batches but then had to adjust the time down for the last 2 batches.)

Let cool.  Store in an air tight container. 
Makes about 22 pieces.

I did managed to package up a dozen for the gift I needed but just about ate the rest before my husband could taste!  He accused me of eating one, saving one, eating one, saving one...... ☺

I did change the foil on the pan after the first 2 batches as the left over brown sugar was getting burned and smoking a little. Other than baking the bacon in batches, this was so easy and very yummy.  You could even do a non spicy version!

There may be more of this yumminess in the near future as Father's Day gifts! 
And the distant future as a new treat in my Christmas goodie boxes!
Did I read there's only 20 Fridays till Christmas somewhere?
I think I did.
Well shoot.

Happy Thursday lovelies!!

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