Friday, May 29, 2015

Chic Couture-April & May Beauty Boxes


In April Julep came out with with a new brow powder & brush and eyebrow gel.  I chose the Modern Beauty box to try both and then added Angie, a silver linear liquid's really cool! As you can see from my pic I got two brow powders instead of one and the gel. Julep had corrected it and had the gel on the way before I even called about it! I'm still undecided if I like the brow powder or dip the brush in ever so gently which I did not do on the first use and got way too much powder! I'm not very good at brows so I'm still learning!

April Glam Bag was good for me!! I love The Balm and have been using the Nude Dude shadow and loving it! The Hikari blush is pretty.  The Mica is eye primer which I'm a die hard Urban Decay Primer Potion gal so it is ok. The face lotion I've been having to use since I"m out of my Mary Kay and I will be staying with Mary says it's non-greasy which I find just isn't true....I have to barely use some to not feel like I'm piling on the grease! Ugh! And then the tinted balm that is for lips and cheeks is ok but I hardly use products I have to dip my finger in. So I'm calling this bag good and not great. 



I had to skip Julep in May due to being low on funds but then was able to make a Secret Store purchase and try one of the eye shadow palettes. I got the Long Weekend Eyeshadow Palette for $19.99, which is what my May box would have cost anyway. Here's a few pics I took on with my phone, unedited....

The packaging is pretty and the shadows look pretty too. I haven't quite used every color yet.  There is quite a bit of fall out with these shadows so if you were to compare it to say Urban Decay Naked palettes well.....there just really isn't any comparison. I'm glad I didn't pay full price for this! It's still a nice palette that several looks can be achieved with. 

Another good Glam Bag! I say good and not great because 2 of the products are just eh for me. Those would be the face products. I'm simply a die hard Mary Kay gal!! So the cleanser and sunscreen haven't been used and may be re-gifted.  Everything else is yay!! You know I love Urban Decay anything.  The Chella Eyebrow pencil worked great and can never go wrong with a new brush!  I did finally have enough points to get an extra item and got some nail polish stickers.  I thought the beach themed ones were cute and will be perfect for our trip to the beach in July!
And the bag itself is pretty darn cute!

How was your beauty box months?

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