Thursday, March 12, 2015

2015 St. Patrick's Day Mantle

Yay for  my 2nd St. Patrick's Day Mantle! It's been up for about a week and will be coming down next week since Easter is fast approaching! I didn't want to spend a whole of money to put this mantle together and as a matter of fact I spent none at all! My Secret Sister from church got me the cross last year so I didn't use it until now. And then I simply put a green, sparkly chevron piece of card stock
 in the white frame and double stuck a shamrock to the corner and then pulled the open frame from my craft stash and used some twine to hang shamrocks with clothespins.  Made the tissue garland and that was it!

Nice and easy and simple and cute and...and... I could go on!!

But I won't! ☺

Have a Happy Day lovelies!

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