Friday, August 30, 2013

Chic Couture-August Beauty Boxes

Can you believe it's almost September? I tell ya, it's all down hill from here! Won't be long till we're singing Christmas songs! I about lost the chance to share my August beauty boxes!!

Ok so I was a little disappointed with the selections. Since August is my birthday month I wanted to upgrade for the first time and get the entire collection. The theme was Garden Party.  And seemed like I would be duplicating several of the colors. August also marked Julep's 2 year anniversary and I loved their Champagne Trio they did to celebrate.  So I choose the box with a yellow since I don't have a yellow polish and added on the trio. The product is a creme treatment and friction stick called Double Step.  And while my feet really need this I haven't used it much. Overall the trio more than made up for not getting to upgrade!
I also got one of their Picnic Mystery boxes during August.....

That first color is Evie and is a raspberry creme with gold shimmer and the reason why I purchased! And the only thing that is duplicated is the lip scrub so I was very pleased! Mystery boxes are a total gamble so I don't always get them. Gotta pace myself on the polish!!

Once again, thrilled with my Glam Bag!! I was holding my breathing in hopes of getting the Urban Decay lipstick! I got the color 69 which is a red. And let me just tell you, it's got some power! I got to have a day to myself one Friday and did some shopping and wore it and went to the Mac counter for the first time and I didn't know they'd let you try on lipstick and the Urban Decay was so hard to get off! The makeup artist had to put concealer and primer on my lips so I could have a good idea of what the lipstick she put on looked like! I really liked the formula of the Urban Decay....there will  be more in my future!
I'm not impressed with the Pixi mascara but that's ok, I layer my mascara anyway.  The bronze eyeshadow is lovely and the nail polish is a duplicate but went to my gift stash.  Haven't tried the pumpkin mask yet.
Overall, love!

This month's Birchbox was just ok.  Honestly I've only used 2 things so far. The moisturizer can be used as a primer which is how I will sample it.  Then the Whish products....I really like the package....not sure how a deodorant swipe will work out for me! I've never tried anything like it before so I'm staying positive!
I do love the Mally Beauty eyeliner in Sailor (navy blue).  It goes good with my brown eyes!
The uniqONE hair treatment I used as a finishing product on my ends after flat ironing. It worked good and I like how it smells. 
Overall, this box was good. 

Fun stuff! I'm excited for next month now!
Happy Friday!

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