Thursday, August 22, 2013

Diamond Candle Review and Giveaway

So! I have another giveaway for you lovelies!! 
Ever heard of Diamond Candles before? I hadn't until they contacted me a couple weeks ago. 
What makes these soy candles unique is a ring on the inside in value of $10, $100, $1000 and even $5000! 
I chose Birthday Cake since it's my birthday month and man it smells so good! Good enough to eat!  And I was pleasantly surprised at the size! Burn time is 140 hours!

I did burn it about 2 days before I couldn't stand it any longer and fished out the ring!
Did you know candles have a memory? Yep! If you want a candle to burn completely away then it must liquefy to the edges of the container and you must burn it that way every time.  If you don't then it will 'remember' how much you burned it and not go past that edge(and produce a ring).  Hope that makes sense!

And here's my ring!

Yay for pink!! It is a little brighter pink in person. Love it!
You can visit their Facebook Page to see more rings!

One more thing I like about these candles is that they are made in the USA! 
Durham, North Carolina to be exact!

And now, how about one for one of you!! Enter below!

Happy Thursday!

*I was given a candle to review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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