Friday, May 31, 2013

Chic Couture-{Review} Nail Polish Stickers

A couple weeks ago I went to my local Sephora for more Urban Decay Primer Potion. Every time I go I take a gander at the clearance section.  You never know what goodies you might find! This trip I found some nail polish stickers for $3! I bought 3 animal print and 2 lacy prints.  I had never tried them before always thinking the price tag was a little much, I mean it's a sticker! So I thought 3 bucks was a good enough deal to give it a go!
{Please excuse the paper cut that I have no idea how I got!}

These were Sephora's brand and they call them 'patches', Sally calls them strips.  I don't think there's a difference.  They're all basically a sticker!
Applying, since it was my first time, was just a little tricky getting the placement just right.  You can pull it up and re-position but they are slightly delicate so you gotta be gentle. I did rip one doing this. 
The real test for me was how long they last!

Left hand

Right hand.

I applied the stickers on a Friday night, late and took the two above pics on the following Friday morning.  They started chipping about Tuesday.  I did have some lifting on one of my index fingers at the cuticle but I think it was too close to the cuticle and that's why it lifted!  Removal is just like regular nail polish.  I did try peeling them off to see if you could remove that way but that didn't really would have to scrap it off.  
Overall I was very pleased with them!! My hands are in and out of water a lot with Lil' Hunkie still not potty trained and our dishwasher is a tad smaller than the norm and so I'm always having to hand wash what doesn't fit.  So I have a hard time keeping a manicure lasting a while.  I would say these strips lasted probably a full day longer than polish.  For me. I think I have about 6-8 strips left after one use so plenty more use as they would make great accent nails!
I love doing my nails so these just added some fun factor!

What's been your experience with nail polish stickers?

Happy Friday lovelies!!

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