Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tissues of Thanks

In case you didn't know, I'm an Okie. Born and raised and it's the only state I've ever lived in.  Tornado season is part of Oklahoma life.  It's funny to me that to this day my momma can be cool as a cucumber when it comes to tornadoes and my daddy the worry wart. And guess what? That's basically how it is with me and my husband!
I got home from work on Monday about 4 in the afternoon.  I could tell it was fixing to storm but didn't realize how close a tornado was.  The weatherman predicted it to come our way by about 4:30.  Moore had already happened.  Well turns out the possible tornado kept to the north of us but went directly over my sister's house. I texted her to make sure they had taken cover....they live in a double wide mobile home.  She had taken the kids to the Collinsville Library but she had to leave her dog, Buddy outside in the yard....thinking he had a better chance outside then inside.  When I read that I choked up. And all I could do was pray. And make the rounds of making sure my parents and friends who all live in the vicinity of my sister's home were ok. 
I was calm because I was praying. 
When all was over, everyone, everything was ok. Except our hearts, they were heavy.  I literally had a heavy  heart. Still do to a degree. All the support for Oklahoma through all of my social media feeds was overwhelming and helped so much!  And apparently donations have gotten to be overwhelming too! Amazing!
Then I saw Aedriel of Aedriel Originals post on Instagram that Jacin of Lovely Little Details was giving a jar of jam to anyone who had donated to the Red Cross for Oklahoma (with proof). And then Aedriel joined in herself with her own way of helping with some personalized dishes that looks like are sold out already! And even then a church friend making a plea 'to do something about it' on Facebook.  So that got me thinking....what can I do?  Times like these you feel like you need to do something besides pray. 
So I thought of all the crafty things I've made over the years and came up with 
Tissues of Thanks.

With proof of donation for Oklahoma emailed to, I'll send you a red patterned purse tissue holder filled with tissues. 

I know it's not grand but it gives me the 'do' that has helped my heavy heart already. 
And I know I won't be able to say it enough.....thanks for all the support!

Happy Thursday

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Unknown said...

What a great idea Jennifer! I know what you mean about a heavy heart. I'm glad everything and everyone was okay. We were driving home passing under 75 & 20 when it was crossing a little further up north. It was so scary even that far away so we couldn't imagine how it was where your sister lived. Prayer got us through it. Crazy weather!