Friday, November 9, 2012

Chic Couture-To Sample Or Not To Sample

I ♥ beauty products, especially makeup, in a bad way.  So the idea of a beauty sample subscription makes me happy!  I've been a Birchbox subscriber for about a year now and honestly have mixed feelings lately.  This last box came with a sample for a $42 tube of mascara and I just wasn't impressed.  It didn't do any better than a drugstore brand. So it got me to thinking if I wanted to continue. In a year I have only bought one thing from their site but it was because I had points built up.  Points are a good thing and add to my struggle! A while back I found another subscription service, My Glam which was started by the famous Michelle Phan.  About a week ago I went to the site and filled out a profile seeing what it was about but didn't subscribe just yet.  It looks more up my alley with more samples of makeup.  Well yesterday I got an email saying I could still get the November bag if I signed up within the next 24 hours and it showed what I'd get.....

Yeah so I have got to try it! I'm still up in the air about Birchbox. We'll see. 
I did want to provide a list of other sample subscriptions for you in case you're like me and enjoy them then you can choose the one that best fits you. And after reading about this list, I will say that Birchbox and My Glam would be the top two I would pick for myself.  And the only other one that is enticing to me is Julep, a nail polish brand that sends you 2 nail polishes with a few beauty products as well. 

Beauty Sample Subscriptions

$10 monthly 
October's Bag image courtesy of Ipsy

$19.99 of at least $40 worth of products
image courtesy of Julep

$21 monthly
image courtesy of Glossybox

$15 Monthly
image courtesy of Sample Society

$29.95 +S&H every 3 months
image courtesy of NewBeauty

$12 monthly
image courtesy of BeautyArmy

Subscription plans vary to all of these.  
For the longest time I thought Birchbox was the only one! Well it's becoming more popular and as I've said before, I consider it a treat to myself!
Do you subscribe to any of these? Have you ever been disappointed?
Let me hear!!

Happy Friday lovelies!

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