Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Soiree Day-Happy 3rd Birthday Lil' Hunkie!

With the passing of Halloween not only does it mean the holidays are coming but it also means it's time to celebrate Lil' Hunkie! Last Saturday was his 3rd birthday.  And man how I can't believe it!  
Since his birthday fell on a Saturday and my husband was off work I planned a joint family party and Lil' Hunkie had the best day ever!  I had asked him what kind of birthday cake he wanted and his response was "blue cacakes" (cupcakes) so I went off blue for the decorations.  Looked through my pins and found a free printable party from Catch My Party in blue and green.  Just something simple and easy to add other items like balloons, paper fans and garlands. It was a crazy day on Friday prepping and I spent most of the early evening/evening cleaning then when my boys went to bed I made the cupcakes and put out the decorations so they would be a surprise for Lil' Hunkie in the morning.  And let me just tell you, even though I didn't do a whole lot, it felt like I did because of staying up late!
 {I really need to learn I'm not a spring chicken anymore!} 
Lil' Hunkie's reaction to all the decorations made it totally worth it.  When I walked into his room the first thing I did was sing 'Happy Birthday' and loved on him. He acted all shy and bashful and then started singing with me! Then we did our normal morning routine. It took him a good 5 minutes to notice the decorations, which he had walked past. And when he did, the next 5 minutes of excitement, and jumping up and down, and cute words just melted my heart and made me thankful that I put just a little extra effort into making his day all that more special.  The first thing he said was, "Momma! What did you do to my curtain?!" Referring to the dinning room curtain. Silly guy! And then "And look Momma there's more on the firepace!", and "For me?", and "For my birthday!" I loved every minute!! It was a great moment!

I simply just used a toothpick for the cupcake toppers and if I had a fancy punch I would have made them a little smaller. The printable set comes in pink and purple for girls too!

Blue garland and green paper fans came from Hobby Lobby. 

Lil Hunkie has 6 cousins with one on the way and with only one of those being a girl so gathering up stuff for the thank you favor bags wasn't too hard. Found blue and green candy(On sale Halloween candy-Pretzel M&Ms, Mike & Ike's, 3 Musketeers, and suckers ) and then added lip whistles (Hobby Lobby) and a catch the ball gadget thing (Walmart). And yes I made a bag for Lil' Hunkie that had stickers instead of a sucker.  

Loved how it all turned out and especially loved how Lil' Hunkie enjoyed himself!  His two favorite toys...a keyboard and a Dirt Devil vacuum which he wanted to bring in the bathroom during bath time and sleep with! And now that I've blogged this I have proof that he LOVES to vacuum! Muahahaha!

Happy Soiree Day!!

{See my Link Parties page for where the parties are!}


Shannon said...

So very cute!♥

Leah said...

everything is so cute! i could totally see him so excited about his birthday!