Thursday, November 8, 2012

{Home} Fall Front Porch

Wanted to share my fall front porch with you today.  With Halloween being over and having Lil' Hunkie's birthday party last weekend I wanted to get the porch decorated for fall.  I should have just done it sooner!  Even though we don't a have a large porch it is bigger than the last one we had so I bought double the pumpkins and flowers.  I didn't change my wreath or flag.  I'm holding out as long as possible on my wreath since I used it our wedding.  It is looking just a little ragged so I'll have to think of a way to spruce it up for next time.  The only new thing I added was our house numbers on the front door, which I purchased from Vinylize It's Etsy shop for $10 and am so very pleased with the outcome!

And wouldn't ya know it, I didn't notice the bow being messed up till I took all the pictures!

And I had a crock pot to break and managed to save the insert to use on the porch. I thought I'd give ornamental kale and cabbage plants a try for some variety!
Getting the porch decorated has really gotten me excited for Thanksgiving!
Anyone else?

Happy Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Very purdy! The vinyl letters look great; just ordered some vinyl letters to do a special wood sign projects with...hoping it's not too unruly to work with.