Friday, June 8, 2012

Fav Beauty Gurus

Happy Friday! What a week!
Thought I'd end it with sharing some of my favorite Beauty Gurus!  A couple years ago I was looking around You Tube and came across a tutorial for Valentine nails and was immediately sucked into the beauty guru section!!  That led to me finding Makeup Geek and I became slightly obsessed with her videos! I was amazed by her talent and inspired to try different techniques....that's when I started using eye primer and brushes and man what a difference those make!!  Have you ever watched a makeup tutorial?  Is it weird that I like to?  I'm not as obsessed anymore...a blue eyed bundle of joy came along and gets a lot of my attention but when I get something new, especially a new palette, I'll search for tutorials to get me started!
So here they are!

*Love her dupe videos!!*
{She finds affordable duplicates for the high end stuff!}

And this is the video that started it all for me!

The following gals are also worth checking out!

Ma Nouvelle
*Natalia is the reason I tried red lipstick!*

*She does Makeup Mondays!*

So if you're looking to change things up then all of these are great starting places!!

Have a Happy Day!!

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Emily said...

I'm obsessed with YouTube beauty gurus as well. They are indeed so addictive!