Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blogger Tip-Tabbed Content Box

Slightly bummed today.
I really wanted to have my craft room finished so I could reveal it today. I actually have it and making myself a closet in our den as on-going projects right now.  But neither are done. I feel as if I have several things unfinished right now, mainly due to the lack of funds.  I'm trying my best to use my pay from my part time job as church secretary to do all the final touches if you will to the house.  And well the funds aren't much and don't last long!  It really wouldn't be no biggie but I finally booked a Stella & Dot jewelry party for the 23rd and that's my deadline to complete certain things! It will be the first entertaining occasion since our move!  And yes I realize that I'm probably the only one who cares about the things I want done! 
So stop worrying right? 
I promise to try!
So today I wanted to share a cool widget I discovered!  You may already know about it since I saw it on It's Overflowing but I'm loving how it helped tidied things up in the side bar so I wanted to share!

This was easy to do! And you can have as many tabs as you want!  I was wanting to change up the sidebar a little to freshen things up, which I like doing periodically and am excited to have found this!  All you do is copy and paste some html code into a new gadget, change the number of tabs you want, make sure each gadget you want tabbed is directly after the new html gadget and bam! 
Go HERE for the code and directions. They also provide a demo.(Which I did not watch, fyi.)
Blogger Sentral explains it better than me!
But if I can do it so can you!!

And since I'm on the subject of blogging tips...just a friendly reminder about being a no reply-commenter....don't be one!! I have found in most cases, that people are unaware that they are a no reply-commenter.  What it means is that you haven't attached an email to your profile.  So when you comment on a blog, the comment goes to their email, the blogger tries to respond directly to you but yikes no email address!  It is my preference to respond to comments via email.  In my opinion I can respond quicker that way.  Now then if you are choosing to be a no reply-commenter then I respect that.  But just know your comment may take awhile to get a response.  Don't mean for that to be harsh at all, just trying to shed some light on the matter!  I also prefer to be responded to by email.  I get wanting to have interaction with each other but how am I supposed to know that you responded to my comment?  The only way I know is for me to subscribe to the comment feed which I have done by mistake before and I got all these emails that took me a minute to figure out what they were!! ( I got every comment sent to me that was made after my comment.)  And honestly sometimes I don't remember to go back and look to see if the person responded to me.  If I do remember it's because I wrote it down!
So how do you prefer your comments get responded to?  I'm curious to know!!

Let me know if you use the tabbed content box!!

Happy Thursday!

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Jessica said...

Love this! I might need to do this and get rid of some of the side bar clutter :)