Friday, June 1, 2012

Photo A Day June

June 1st, can you believe it?
Summer is here, ready or not!  
Last month I joined the Photo A Day Challenge started by Fat Mum Slim and I loved it!
I made memories, I was artistic, I was challenged and more importantly I shared.  I think it's a great way for you as a reader to know me, Jennifer.  It does help that I like taking pictures!  Some days I didn't post the pic until late, some days I did 2 in one day, which is perfectly ok.   There's really just one 'rule' and that's to use the hashtag #photoadayjune.  So if you as a blogger are wanting your readers to know you better then I suggest this challenge.  And if you aren't a blogger then I suggest the challenge as a fun memory making technique! 

Here's (most of) May...

{Did you see my lovely sister up there? And yep that's my momma!!}

I'm ready for the next one!!
Photo courtesy of Fat Mum Slim.

The following post explains each day..
...and tells what to do!

Now then, who's joining me?

Happy Friday and 1st day of June!  ☺

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Morgan said...

This sounds like such a fun thing to do! I believe I will join you!