Monday, April 23, 2012

Go Handmade for Mother's Day!

{This is a sponsored post by Chez Mukweto.  All opinions are mine.}

Good Morning Lovelies!
By my calculations there's about 3 weeks till a very important day of the year...Mother's Day.  
If you are like me, you have a mother who has just about everything and doesn't really need anything.  
So what to do?
I say go handmade!
 Handmade either by yourself or someone else in my opinion, is a different kind of special.  
One idea is some cozy slippers from Chez Mukweto.

Yes these are my cute chubby feet! I've been wearing these and they are comfy!  
My first thought when I pulled them out of the box is how very well crafted they are.  I know only enough crochet to crochet a straight line for a scarf so I'm amazed at how these are made!  They have formed to my feet perfectly and are keeping them nice and warm. {I can't stand to have cold feet!}

Of course Jacqueline can make any color, color combo you like in sizes 3-11.  I think these would be great alone or with a pedicure gift card or in a foot care basket!

And would my own mom like some? Yep! She loves slippers!
Go check out Jacqueline's Etsy shop Chez Mukweto and tell her I sent you.

Wishing you all an early Happy Mother's Day!


Lindsay said...

Those slippers look amazing! SO very pretty! I want some for myself actually. :)

Jacqueline Mukweto said...

They look great on you! thanks for sharing them!