Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easy Clock Redo

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Well I managed to craft something!! I finally got Lil' Hunkie's room completely unpacked and organized this week.  I had a tabletop clock in his room before but set him up a small TV and DVD player and really didn't have room for it anymore.  So when going through my kitchen stuff I set aside a wall clock knowing I wanted to redo it somehow...the perfect solution to replacing the tabletop clock!!
Here's what I started with...

I took the back off but couldn't really tell how to take the hands and mechanism apart and the rooster picture was adhered to the frame so that there was no way to take it off without totally messing things up! So I just did it the easiest way I knew how!
1. 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbook paper
2.  Found a free template by Googling from Australian Woodsmith. Printed on paper.  
3.  Had a hard time resizing so I just traced the right size.  
4.  Cut out, cut a circle in middle with xacto knife and cut a line down.  I then was able to slide it around the hands. I used pod modge and smoothed out and was done!

It's not the fanciest clock but hey, can't beat $0!!

Happy Thursday!!

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Lindsay said...

Love the new look of it! What a fun change!

Christine said...

that is great! cheap and turned out perfect! I wanted to do exactly that but couldn't find a cheap enough clock in case I blew it. So this is what I came up with

i am a new(er) follower!

Ivy & Co said...

Awesome! I cringed on step 4, haha, but you can't even tell in the finished product! Good old Modge Podge. Thanks for linking up at!