Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vintage Gwen Chapel-What I Learned From Our Move

Most of you know that we recently moved.  Our house had been on the market for about 15 months and we finally got an offer in January.  So as to not make this a long post, it got hairy. Frustratingly hairy.  When things get hairy sometimes we find our self asking "God, what are you doing to me?" or "God, what in the world is going on?" Which I totally was! Those questions though turned into "What are you going to do in me through all this?" Or perhaps it's "What are you going to do for the buyer through all this?"
See the buyer was a 19 year old widow plus a mom. Last July her husband died from an accident involving fireworks.  So it hadn't even been a year yet.  I can't even imagine being a widow!  Immediately, my heart went out to her.  And during closing I kept thinking of something to say to let her know she was making it, that she was strong but the words just didn't come.  I found myself wondering how she was doing after everything was said and done.  Without batting an eye, through text, I asked our realtor if she had gotten settled ok.  The reason for all the frustrations came in the realtor's response a few days later. The text went something like this....
"She's doing good. Got moved in ok just some boxes to unpack. Slept the whole night through which hasn't happened in a long time." 
I couldn't hold back tears of revelation.  I cried for probably a good 5 minutes.  
Our home meant rest and peace for the buyer. 
I recently read that peace is power. {Pretty sure that was Joyce Meyer who said that.}
It's so true, when we are at peace we aren't conflicted, we have complete faith and trust in God. 
 And that's powerful.  
God doesn't want us knowing the end result of our situations.  How would we trust Him if we did?
That's what I learned through all that hairiness.  And I'm thankful to know that there's a 19 year old widow, single mom who finally got some rest.  

Isaiah 55:8-9 The Message
"I don't think they way you think.  The way you work isn't the way I work." God's Decree. "For as the sky soars high above earth, so the way I work surpasses the way you work, and the way I think is beyond the way you think."

Happy Weekend!

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sheliaszambiajournal said...

What a touching post. I will pray for that young lady.
Romans 8:28

Lauren @ mercy(INK) said...

Jennifer: It's so amazing how God works in our lives when we don't understand what's going on; His ways ARE higher! So glad you shared this post! Prayers for that sweet young mom. - lauren

Jennifer said...

Thank you ladies!!