Friday, March 30, 2012

Super Hero For A Day!

I get to be a Super Hero tonight!!  And it's all thanks to my sweet niece who turned 16 on Wednesday.  She chose a Super Hero Costume Party! So fun!  Hunkie has to work so it'll be a 'date' for me and Lil' Hunkie.  At first I thought it would be cute to be Super Aunt but what would I do for Lil' Hunkie? Time to be a little creative.  Mask plus homemade super hero shirt is what I went with!

I simply printed off the word 'super' and a wheel graphic, put those inside the shirt and used a red sharpie to trace and fill in.  Our last name is Wheeler...get it? The Super Wheels!  I try to be clever sometimes!
And to help in party prep I made some super hero bottle cap necklaces and key chains as a favor...

Very easy!
So today is a fun day with a little bit of joyful tears.  My niece is the oldest of the grand kids for my parents and is also the only girl so you can imagine just how special this occasion is! I wrote a nice sentiment on her Facebook wall and made it through without a tear but then I started reading what everyone else wrote and bawled like a baby for a minute!  She's a one of a kind young lady and I'm excited to share in her milestone.  More than likely I'll share more on Soiree Day.

Until then, this is Super Wheel Jennifer saying have a great Friday!


Lindsay said...

So, so adorable! Creative as well! Have a great weekend!

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

So very cute! Have a wonderful weekend.

Kelley @ said...

Ha! Thats so cute! Hope she has a great party :)

Unknown said...

I love those necklaces! Did you spray paint the bottle caps first or did they come different colors like that? What do you put over the pictures to keep them in the bottle cap, some sort of glue? They are so very cute, I really want to go home and try to make one now!