Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Soiree Day-Potty Party

I'm excited for Soiree Day today!  Yes you read right, it's a Potty Party.  Now before I get to all the fabulous pictures and details, potty parties are not new to me.  Years ago, one of my nephews had the hardest time with potty training.  So when he finally got it we were so proud of him that my mom thought it the perfect time to celebrate.  And thus, the tradition of Granny's potty party.  Now we've not had any that are as fancy as today's feature, which is a-ok, but I loved all the details.  And when I showed the party to my mom and sister they loved it too!
Mindy at Creative Juice created this party for her daughter and is sharing the details....

 Potty Party Details

In my quest to potty train my daughter I came across a philosophy to “potty train in a day”. Part of the advice was to “throw them a potty party”…well when I see party I sort of tend to go over the top.  So that’s what I did. I invited all of her friends over who were “in training” & their personal trainers- the moms – for a Potty party! I looked everywhere for potty charts & things to make it a CUTE special occasion for them. But alas, I found none. So I designed printables to go with this party.

“Its Official. I’m a big kid. Peace out Pampers! Put on your big kid pants and come potty like a rock star”

Theme: gray chevron, pink, blue, & underwear!!!!

Food & refreshment:
Cake and Underwear cookies 
Yogurt Parfait with coconut
Yogurt dipped pretzels with pink and blue icing drizzle
Popcorn cones
Pink lemonade & Blue Koolaid in “I gotta go” juice cups! {you are supposed to get them to drink a lot so they will have to go all day!}
Moms drank “ personal trainer” water bottles

“I’m a big kid” picture frames
Printable Potty Party Set
Toilet Paper Wreath {DIY on the blog soon}
Totsie rolls in toilet mug 
Party hats 
spray painted $5 dessert stand

Diaper Toss – Peace out papmers! – Kids threw their diapers in the trash never to be used again!
Potty pedi – Girls got a pedicure from your mommy while waiting on the potty!

Each Kid got two favor bags – a #1 and a #2…. With corresponding treats to their respective actions... Yellow jelly beans and tootsie rolls!
They also each received a potty chart & a sticker sheet

Lynlee’s Pettie Cakes- cupcake toppers -- http://www.lynleespetitecakes.com/
Traylor Made Treats – cake and cookies -- http://www.facebook.com/TraylorMadeTreats?ref=ts
Get Creative Juice – Party Hats, sticker chart, Favors -- http://www.etsy.com/listing/85386026/potty-party-potty-training-shipped

Please check out Creative Juice's site for all the pictures!!
 And yes you can purchase the affordable printables from Mindy's Etsy Shop!!

Happy Soiree Day!

PS.  If you are going to pin this, please pin from Creative Juice's site HERE.


Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness, I love this! What an adorable little party! Wish I would have done something like this for my little ones. I have one more though, so I will definitely remember this!

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

Such a great idea! I need to do this for my little lady! Love it!

mindy starr cone said...

thanks so so much for the feature!! you are such a sweetheart & it has been so fun getting to know you through our "blog world" lol!
- mindy {creative juice}

sip-n-wear said...

How stinkin cute is this!! Oh I just cant wait til my baby boy is potty trained!

weiya @ enjoyer of grace said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Btw, this is too adorable for words!!!!