Thursday, January 12, 2012

{Guest Series} The Best of Me-Just Us Four

Welcome to The Best of Me Series!!

I've asked some awesome ladies to be my guest over the next several weeks.  We finally got an offer on our house and looks like we're moving!!  So I can't really justify any crafting right now so I'm excited to have these ladies share their best with us! 
 And don't worry I'll be sharing our new place with you after we get settled!
Please join me in welcoming Shannah....

Hi everyone! I'm Shannah from Just Us Four 

I am so excited to be here as a guest poster on Vintage Gwen! Jennifer's "Best of Me" series is definitely going to be fun and inspiring so I am really glad to be a part of it.
Today, I'm sharing with you one of my favorite projects from 2011. It didn't quite make it into my Top 5 projects based on page views last year but I definitely consider it some of my best work!
We moved into our new home back in spring of 2010. Moving from a much smaller townhouse into a large-ish single family home definitely brought some furniture challenges. Determined to still have the great guest room I imagined in my mind without breaking my budget, I set out to make my own headboard. Today, I'm excited to share the project with you! So, let's get started!
My supply list:
62" x 24" Sheet of plywood (we used chip board and had the HD people cut it)
2 x 4 cut into two 3' pieces
Batting or foam (I did double layer batting)
Fabric of choice
Staple gun + Staples
Wood Screws (2")
Extras (nail heads, cording, etc.)
Ready to Build?
I have been doing most of my projects in our (unfinished) basement and this one was no different.  Down in the lair, I put down a blanket and sheet on the floor to keep my fabric clean.  Then, I layered the fabric, batting and wood as I would be attaching it.
I wrapped the batting around and stapled it.  I did two ends and then the other two sides.  A note here: While I recommend double layer batting if you go that route (it was cheaper than foam in my case), I do not recommend wrapping both layers around.  It really interferes with the leg attachment.  Just my $.02.
I spaced my staples pretty far apart just to get it secured and then went back to add additional staples.  Once I had the batting secure, it was time to do the fabric portion.  My fabric was actually a curtain I picked up at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It matches the curtains that are already in the room but with a price tag of $24.98!  Subtract my 20% coupon and then my $17 merchandise credit and it was practically free.
I cut a lot of the fabric off but using the clearance curtain even though it was much longer in length than I needed saved me so much money.  Staple, staple, staple.
The corners (as always) were a little tricky but I managed to get them all stapled down so that they looked uniform (from the front at least!).
She's looking pretty good but needs a little something else.
Enter a little bling...nail head bling that is.
I picked up the nail head trim at Joann's with my 50% off coupon.  It was so much easier and faster than doing real nail heads.  Just hammer in every 5th nail.
Next up, legs! 
This is where Mathlete (a.k.a. my husband) came in.  Armed with his tools, we set to attaching the legs.
He pre-drilled holes into each 2 x 4 x 3 where the wood screws would go.
Then, we positioned it on the back of the headboard and screwed it in.  We had pre-measured the distance from the floor to the top of the mattress, how far we wanted it to overlap and the distance between the attachment locations on our existing frame.  Using those measurements, we knew where to attach the legs.
We ran into a little problem because of all the batting (see above re: my batting recs) so I had to unstaple some portions and cut out the layers of batting.  Then, we were able to attach the legs securely.
 I used the extra fabric to cover the legs so they matched and blended well.  Just a few more staples to secure that.
Upstairs we went where the headboard was connected to our existing metal bed frame.  Voila!  New bed for the guests!
Lessons Learned:
1) Pay a little extra and go for the foam.  Then, cut it to the exact measurements of your board so there is no wrap around issue like I had with my batting.
2) If you go cheap like me and go for batting, don't wrap both layers around.  The layers are great for the front but totally unnecessary for the backside.  Headboards don't need junk in their trunk.
3) Use 1/2" staples.  You'll thank me.
4) Nail head trim kits are you friend!
5) Have extra screws on hand.  We had at least 3 break during our leg attachment.
Budget Breakdown:
Plywood (cut for free): $7.17
2x4x8 (cut for free): $2.47
Wood Screws: $2.30
Batting: $15.67 (1/2 off with coupon)
Fabric: $2.66 ($19.98 - $17.32 merchandise credit)
Nail head trim: $10.04 (1/2 off with coupon)
Total cost: $40.31

We are gearing up for a basement renovation (i.e. unfinished to finished!) which is sure to be filled with lots of DIY projects so I hope you will come visit!


Love it Shannah! It turned out great and I love the price tag!!
Make sure and check out Shannah's lovely blog, Just Us Four!

Happy Thursday!


LoriLynn said...

Love this post! Making a headboard is on my to do list and so I'll be following this 9hopefully) shortly to make my own!

Lindsay said...

Great post! I love the new headboard! Such a beautiful piece! This is going to be a really fun series.

Betsy Pool said...

Thanks for hosting this series! I am loving this post and look forward to the rest of the series. The headboard is very lovely!!