Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soiree Day-Birthday Traditions and a Giveaway!!

Wanted to do a little something different for today's Soiree Day.  I had a nephew and my only niece have birthdays within the last 3 days and thought I'd share our family tradition.  We always get together and the birthday person chooses what's to eat and what kind of cake/dessert they want.  We've done this for a long, long time!  And in the last few years my mom has added a 'special' plate that the birthday person gets to use!  And in thinking about this post I realized we never did the big-stylized parties that are the rage nowadays.  Probably because of money but I'm not bothered by it.  I love the tradition we do have!  And I think it's good to start my own which is still in the making as Lil' Hunkie is only 16 months old!  Of course the milestone birthdays are different.  I did have a Sweet 16 party and I remember getting 21 presents for my 21st! 
I like this definition of tradition:  
 long-established action or pattern of behavior in a community or group of people, often one that has been handed down from generation to generation
I think it's good to have a birthday tradition, it keeps a family together.
Here's a few photos from our celebrations:

3 year old nephew's cake! White with strawberry filling....yummy!
He loves Cars!!  When the trailer came out for Cars 2 he would make my brother sit at the computer and watch it over and over and over......   ☺

Easy decorations!

My 15 year old niece's cake, sniff, sniff.....
She's the oldest grandchild and it's a little hard to watch her grow up!  She chose chicken and tater tots as her dinner and wanted strawberry cake with chocolate icing with a touch of strawberry icing.  Apparently she's on a strawberry kick right now!  My sister added the fresh strawberries.  Also, my sister requested some whoopie pies as she didn't get any either when I made them for our church meeting!

Very yummy!

And lastly (sorry for the long post! it's my longest so far!) here's a few pics of the cake I made for Lil' Hunkie.  Yes I had a big party for him but I couldn't not do anything on his actual birthday!!

Yep! I have a special plate too!  And I'm just now realizing I didn't use it for Big Hunkie's birthday!  Probably because he worked that day.........

Recognize the critters?  They are squirrels!

It was yummy too!

OK now on to that word Giveaway!!  How about owning your own special plate?! 
When I purchased the plate at the Dayspring Outlet last summer, they had a special...buy one get one free!!  So I still have the free one in the closet and I believe it's purpose is to be given away!
Here's what ya gotta do, each action will get you an entry:
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(if you already do any of these then please leave a comment so I'll know you want to be entered)
I will choose the winner in a week and announce in next Tuesday's Soiree Day!

Whew! Have a Happy Day!


Natalia Lynn said...

Hey! I love it! I already do all these things, so it's easy! Here is one for following

Natalia Lynn said...

Follow you on titter

Natalia Lynn said...

like you on FB

Natalia Lynn said...

And we also do the cake thing. My mom did it for us growing up and I loved it. So I have made two cars cakes, a super hero cake, dinosaur cake, and a basketball. Love it!

Jill said...

i love your family tradition and i agree that it keeps the family together...and to think when all the kids grow up they'll be keeping the tradition alive as well. :)