Friday, March 25, 2011

Darling Day!

Today's Darling Day is mostly Easter!
In our weekly 'trash' mail was the recent Tractor Supply ad.  Chicks have arrived!!  I plan on taking Lil' Hunkie soon to check them out!  He's fond of dogs so my guess is he might be fond of Chicks too!  But we'll only be looking!

Courtesy of Tractor Supply's website.

I found a Darling new blog this week, K.I.S.S.{Keep It Simple, Sister}.  She also suggested the Chick outing for kids!! She did a stinkin' cute tutorial yesterday!  She took the Dollar Tree silver trays and made Easter Silhouettes!
Photo courtesy of K.I.S.S.{Keep It Simple, Sister}

I'm going to have to make one now!!

I found this necklace on Etsy (of course) just might have to go in my Easter basket!
Photo courtesy of Tickle Me Pink Boutique.

I ♥ vintage soldered pendants!!

Thank goodness for my nephew's school fundraiser this week or else I would never have known about Mixed Bag Designs!!  I'm amazed that this is a fundraiser!  It's a company that offers the coolest bags and totes and even has wholesale!

Medium Totes


Aren't they cute? And these are just a few of what they offer! Their prices are very reasonable as well!
This drug store tote is on order for me!!
Photos courtesy of

Happy Darling Day!!  Hope these inspired you!


Tatum said...

Thanks for featuring my Easter Silhouettes. Your blog is so fun!

Tatum @ Keep it Simple, Sister

Jennifer said...

Your very welcome Tatum! Your blog is fun too girlie!!

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Oh that pendant is so cute!

Jennifer said...

Yes Rissa it is!! Trying to decide if I really need it!! :)