Friday, March 18, 2011

Darling Day!

This week's Darling Day is going to include a few of my favorite sites and something on my wish list!
I found this site while planning for my wedding and I still refer to it.  It's mostly stationary but has a whole bunch of other unique items.  There are actual stores just not any near me! 

They have new fine papers and this is one of my favs! I think this in a frame for the kitchen would be perfect!

How about a pencil sharpener? Yes it looks like a camera and I love it!

They have so many colors and sizes to choose from! I used just a solid note card for guests to sign in for my wedding and them put them in an album.

You should check them out!  And if you can shop at one then I'm jealous!!

Not only is the Daily Grommet a site that showcases inventive products and services but it's also a place where you can purchase those 'grommets'.  If it wasn't for their site then I might not have known about the Babycakes cupcake maker!  Like them on Facebook and the Daily Grommet will be in your news feed giving you all kinds of  ideas for gift giving, for your home, and even for yourself!

I have never been. But I want to go so bad!  I think the nearest one is in Dallas....I know, I know...perfect for a road trip!  Until I was educated a little bit more about this store, I always thought it to be an expensive place.  Not so!
This is what's on my wish list:
I have seen this used as a sign holder at parties.  It's only .99 cents!

They also have these vases.....

....if you are wanting to do a candy buffet at your next shindig then may I suggest these. They are only $1.99 each!

What are some of your favorite sites?


Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

I *love* IKEA! Half of our house is cheapie IKEA furniture, lol! They have nicer stuff too of course, but we're students ;)

We even went and ate there as a "date" one evening, hehehe..

Jennifer said...

You can eat there?!! Well all the more reason to go!

Natalia Lynn said...

Um, Ikea is THE BEST! You've never been? You definitely need to remedy that! And I love paper source too, we have one out where I live when we are in Cali. Super cute stuff. But my mom can get it wholesale for her company! Even more fun! You can check it out

Jennifer said...

That's cool about your mom Natalia! I will check her out thanks!!