Thursday, February 4, 2016

2016 Valentine Mantle

Last weekend we finally put the Christmas back in the little red barn and got the Valentine and Easter out.  I sure do wish I had room to store it all in the house but I just don't.
  So....sure does make for some family exercise at least!!

I bought this cute artwork last year after Valentine's Day from Ross. I pulled the chalkboard heart and flowers together and had one side done. Then I went to the Dollar Tree and found the black square frame that I simply put a piece of scrapbook paper in and then found the '&' in the Target Spot. Doily hearts came from Dollar Tree too. ☺  Cute, simple, black, pink, floral mantle!

Played with angles with  my new camera!!

So now we are ready for V Day!

Happy Thursday lovelies! 

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