Friday, February 12, 2016

{Freebie} Valentine Coloring Pages

Finally!! I figured out how to create a coloring page in PicMonkey!!
What I couldn't figure out is how to make text color-able.  
The answer was so easy it was literally staring me in the face!!
Every time you add text to what you are creating it brings up a box with TWO Options tab and an Effects tab.  Well duh....the Effects tab allows you to edit the text into color-able text!

So fun!!!
So if I get too crazy on offering free coloring pages please tell me! Ha!
So here's my Valentine to you!  

This quote is from an awesome worship song by John Mark McMillan "Heart Won't Stop".  

Right click, save and print!
For personal use only please.

And Happy Valentine's day!!

1 comment:

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