Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Photo A Week Challenge

December 1?!!
 Where in the world did 2015 go ya'll?!
Let's enjoy the last month of the year by focusing on what a fun, memory making time it can be!
Here's my 'thankfuls' from November....
Week 1 :  I'm thankful for November....the month I became a wife and a mom!
Week 2 : not pictured....was a video of my Eagle Scout nephew, Timmy (above) playing taps at the Collinsville Veteran's Day parade....thankful for all Veteran's! And my Eagle Scout!
Week 3 : thankful to have Lil' Hunkie home for a week during Thanksgiving! We celebrated by making turkey cookies!
Week 4 : thankful to be the aunt of an Eagle Scout.  Did you know that only 6% of Boy Scouts achieve the highest rank of Eagle Scout? So, so proud of Timmy's accomplishment! And his Court of Honor celebration was pretty cool!
Simply take a photo inspired by the  prompt, interpret the prompt how you like. Then share on Instagram with #VGphotoaweek. Please use new photos that you take. Please do not use anyone else's photo...this is about you and your pictures. Or you can create a image for the prompt, but it must be something you create.  Post one or many photos per week!
This is how I'll be breaking the weeks up: 
Week 1 : December 1-5
Week 2 : December 6-12
Week 3 : December 13-19
Week 4 : December 20-26
Week 5 : December 27-31
Hope you'll join me!! I promise it's fun!!
Happy December!

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