Wednesday, December 23, 2015

{Recipe} Pretzel Spoon Snowmen

I love baking, especially Christmas baking! I have for several years made Christmas goodies for neighbors, the mail carrier, garbage collectors, etc.etc.... Even made a tray a few times for my husband to take to work which I really miss doing.  I have a few tried and true treats that I always make...sugar cookies and an oatmeal cookie...either with raisins or cranberries. Then I make a candy type treat.  This year I wanted to use some supplies I had in the cabinet and make a circle pretzel snowman face.  All I needed was the pretzel.  I looked and looked and there was none to be had! What was available was a pretzel spoon!

Looked like the perfect snowman shape to me!!
All I did was dip in white chocolate, added an upside down pumpkin sprinkle for the nose and then used an edible ink pen to make eyes, mouth, and buttons.  Totally cute and easy!! 

Pretzel Spoon Snowmen

Pretzel Spoons
white chocolate
orange sprinkle of some kind
edible ink pen (found at Hobby Lobby)

Follow instructions on package to melt chocolate.  Using a fork drop pretzel in chocolate. Tap to remove excess chocolate and then lay on wax paper. While still wet add orange sprinkle.  Let harden.  Once harden drawn on eyes, mouth, and buttons.
Makes a lot!!

Lil' Hunkie and I had fun making these! And some fun Christmas memories too!

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