Friday, July 25, 2014

Chic Couture-June & July Beauty Boxes

Since I skipped Julep in June I decided to do a June & July Beauty Box post all together. 
Julep recently added some more options on how you can choose your monthly box. I won't got into great detail because the information is on their site but in order to pick and choose your products, instead of one of the profiles, you have to pay an extra $5 a month.  So instead of $19.99 it's $24.99 a month and so I wasn't willing to up my price.  I have been a Maven for over a year and now have so much polish!! So I've been trying to be good, after all I can't wear all that I have at once! One of the things I like about Julep is that they offer other products like care products and some beauty products and so I've often changed to the Modern Beauty box which is a product box.  Others don't care for their beauty products but I like playing so I don't mind!
Here's my July Julep....
Yep the Modern Beauty box with their new Bare Body Milk lotion. Love the smell and feels great on! I have yet to try the pedi creme but I've heard good things!

And here are my Ipsy Bags....

Fun stuff! I love getting liners! I don't hardly ever have to buy them! The Be A Bombshell mascara I don't care for....I can hardly tell I have mascara on and it does smell.  I tried the Beach Spray and whoa! I tried 'scrunching' my hair to get some waves and it did pretty good! I was surprised at how nice the Realtree Perfume was and the Nyx butter gloss was OK, kinda wished I'd gotten a different color but I will layer it with something else.  Good bag!

This bag was OK. Love the pink scalloped edge bag of course! I haven't tried the moisturizer or the tanning oil. They may be used as gifts.  I liked the polish by Whet and was impressed with the Bare Minerals eyeshadow since I was a bit skeptical.  I did use my eye primer before it and found it to be a great base for natural or neutral looks. The Pixi balm is not what I expected. I was expecting color, well I swatched it on my hand and there was no color.  So then I put it on and after about the 2nd time of wearing it noticed my lips turned a pretty rosy pink after a couple of minutes. Aha! Now I get it!
I may still use the other products.  Ipsy, overall,  is always fun even if some of the products aren't. 

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Happy Friday lovelies!

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