Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vintage Gwen Chapel-Spankins' And Prayers

Have you ever got a spankin' from the Lord?
And by spankin' I mean a gentle nudge with the words "Now daughter".

Well I sure have. And recently.  
I play bunco once a month with an awesome group of ladies. Some of us attend church regularly some of us don't but are believers. We always pray over our meal and evening.  Well there started being a pattern of who they asked to pray and even the jokingly, lovingly term "Bunco Chaplin" thrown out. 
Guess who? Yep, yours truly.
And guess what I have done?
Squirmed and joked along and squirmed some more. 
And then I got a spankin!
God was saying "Now daughter there's a reason they ask you."
And I was saying "but God I can get carried away sometimes and these ladies don't see the Holy Ghost filled Jennifer."
And God said "they know you know Me."
And then I thought "I should be honored they want me to do it on a regular basis."
And I am, truly I am.
And so no more squirming. 

No more squirming praying for anyone.  Yes it's uncomfortable when you don't know the person or are in mixed company.  And with God's help I haven't been getting carried away (I get nervous so the Spirit takes over and I can be pretty powerful! God has been showing me I can be both powerful and steady and pray His Word!), I've been steady.  And with the help of the book Prayers That Avail Much. It has some great, great prayers! And not just any prayers but ones that pray the Word.  And there's 2 other volumes! 
I used it last week to pray for some ladies and I can already tell a difference in how I pray. 

How are you at praying in front of others? I know it's not easy! So I encourage you to check out the Prayers That Avail Much books and seek the Lord. Now more than ever we need each other.  And nothing, nothing is too small to be prayed over. God cares about it all! And He doesn't expect elaborate prayers either. Just ones from the heart. I know this from experience. 

Praying for you.
For strength, peace, comfort, guidance, boldness.
In Jesus' Name, amen!

Be blessed lovelies!

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