Thursday, May 15, 2014

Peacock Feather Art

It's that time of year again....garage sale time!!
I've never really been a big garage sale shopper although I'm really wanting to change that.  
I do love hunting for a treasure, I mean bargain! 
I had a sweet friend ( I used to be her youth pastor so *choke* that now I'm calling her sweet friend! Where did the time go?!) recently get a really cool apartment in which she desperately needed stuff for.  So her mom put together a successful apartment warming.  Well I was on my way to shop for her present when a see a yard sale sign so Lil' Hunkie and I took a little detour. The sale was mostly guy and tools, with a little bit of housewares.  Gold frames caught my attention....

....perfect pieces to make over!! I really liked the lady! At $1 each I couldn't pass up! My friend was decorating some in peacock colors and so I thought surely I could do something peacock feathery.  I stopped at Hobby Lobby and got a metallic turquoise, purple and gold paint.
Then I cleaned them up and took them apart. I had a little bit of spray primer that I blasted each with. Painted over the primer with the gold.  Once dried, I found a Google image to go off of and free-handed the feathers. 

It really was not that hard! 
They mean a little bit more than store bought art since I painted them,
 the best kind of gift I think!
 My friend loved them and her mom immediately found a place for them once
 all the guests had left! 
Bingo! Touchdown! Mission accomplished!

Now to find some more garage sale finds to makeover!!

Happy Thursday lovelies!

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Johanna said...

This is so amazing. I love what you did. Bravo!