Saturday, May 3, 2014

Vintage Gwen Chapel-Our Remarkable God

Back today with a post for She Shares Truth. When I read the prompt for this last Monday I immediately knew I had experienced somewhat of a commissioned moment just the day before!

I got the opportunity to go to lunch after church with some of my family without my Hunks (Lil' Hunkie was at grandma's and Hunkie wasn't feeling good). My youngest brother has a fairly new fiancee and though she's been coming to church with my brother she's not been around church as long as my family has.  I've not spent much time with her yet and had wondered about her children. So I asked  about them.  Well she immediately started crying and I immediately felt bad to make her cry in public! She has 3 kids and doesn't have custody of them right now due to things that couldn't be helped and wasn't her fault in the past. She told me the whole story right then and there. 
God has been moving in her life. I mean it is plain as day what He is doing for her! She's got a peaceful home and a new job close to that peaceful home with an increase in pay!
And she mentioned that God had been blessing her.  But then came some words that I knew God had a response to in the form of my voice. 
"I just hope He'll work with my kids so I can have them back."
{It was something like that, I know for sure she used the word hope.}
Now first of all, I'm glad she is hoping. But sometimes there's one more step past hope. It's called faith. It's called belief.  
So when she said those words, the Holy Spirit was quick to respond with....
"No, no, God is not done.  He has began a good work in you and will finish it."
More wet eyes.
On both sides of the table.
And my red-headed sister in law saying "Get me outta here!"
Cause she knew God had just spoken and didn't want wet eyes in public too!
And do you know what? God moved in one of her children's situations this past week.
He is simply not done!
I believe God is constantly working but to get to actually see it, well it's remarkable!

Happy Weekend lovelies!

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Tucket said...

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