Saturday, May 31, 2014

Vintage Gwen Chapel-Nehemiah

Well I've been a bad blogger lately! May has been so busy, can you tell?
I've got a few crafts I'd like to squeeze in and a few recipes I've wanted to share.....
We'll see how I do since tomorrow May is behind us!

Just finished a She Reads Truth study on Nehemiah and wanted to link up for She Shares Truth!
This study was great timing as my church has started a building project! We are building a new 400 seat (wowza!) sanctuary! I was able to pass along a few encouraging quotes to our leaders.
So for the She Shares assignment I'm going to answer a few questions....

Why does the book of Nehemiah end the way it does?
I think the ending is a great reminder....sometimes we need a Nehemiah in our lives.  What God found in Nehemiah was a focused, get the job, no one's going to stop me attitude.  Don't we all need that type of person in our lives? A positive influence who will help us to the finish line.
Nehemaih is awesome!
 But he's not Jesus.  
The children of Israel were in a pattern and the only person to get them out of that pattern is Jesus.
It's always Jesus!

What does God want us to see here about Himself and the Church?
I think God doesn't want us to forget what can happen when we join together and work towards a common goal. There's a lot of work to be done for the Kingdom.  There's no time to not be His holy people. There's no time to give the enemy place.  There's not time to be a lazy Christian and not do what you know is right. Jesus has come and is coming again soon!

Loved going through Nehemiah! I also joined Kristin Schmucker's 31 Day Scripture challenge and finished the book of Leviticus today! I will be sharing what I gleaned from that book soon!

Have a happy weekend lovelies!!

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