Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chic Couture-Root Pump Review

I wanted to share a quick review of one of the products I got in my last Ipsy bag.  The Big Sexy Hair Root Pump, it's a volumizing spray mousse.  
Now I don't use mousse at all. What I do use is the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play, it's a volumizing and texturizing powder.I use it at my crown and 'pouf' my hair.  So I tried the Root Pump in the place of the powder.  First of all, I've been 'poufing' my hair for a while now so I feel like it's pretty 'trained'.  Products like the powder and mousse help the pouf stay in place. I love the powder!
So I applied the Root Pump to my crown with wet hair and blow dried(per the directions of applying to wet hair)  and then poufed away.  And got the results in the pictures above.  The bottom is a 'selfie' angle and that's why my part is flipped. I was impressed the first day, no lie.  I tried it a second time and was a little disappointed. But I don't think my hair was as dry as it was the first try and there was some pretty good Oklahoma winds on the second day! I tried a 3rd time and it did better.  For how I used it I felt like it performed well. But I still prefer the powder and here's why...with the powder even if my hair is still a tiny bit damp I can still get a good pouf.  I don't think that of the mousse.  The mousse will be a good back up plan though!

Have you tried the Root Pump? How'd you like it?

Happy Saturday lovelies!!


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