Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cross & He Is Risen Wood Shim Art


Back today with more easy wood shim projects!
The amount of Easter/spring decor that I have compared to my Christmas,'s just sad!! So yes I utilized the shims I bought!
Since there's two different sizes of shims, I thought they were perfect to make a cross. I went with a cross/floral theme for my mantel so thus the reason for making a fabric covered cross.  All I did was take Mod Podge and some scrap fabric and covered the two shims, once dried I then hot glued them together. The cross is just leaning against the He Is Risen Art!
He Is Risen Art

Just like my Flower art I took 2 shims and then hot glued on more shims the length of the anchors. Next I used some leftover stain and used a sponge brush to brush it on. Once dried I painted on the  "He Is Risen."  I actually made two of these!! One for me and one for my sister! So that's 4 projects out of the 2 packages of shims.  And I still have a handful left!
The first one I used chalk and did all caps and then used a metallic taupe to paint over the chalk.  The second one I free handed and decided to make the 'Risen' in cursive.  I then let my sister choose which one she liked best and she chose the all caps!
Really loved working with the shims!! Can ya tell?
Happy Thursday lovelies!
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