Friday, July 26, 2013

Chic Couture-Nubar Review

About 2 weeks ago Birchbox posted on their Facebook page a review of topcoats.  Someone commented on that post that they'd stick with their Nubar Diamont.  As you know, I enjoy painting my nails.  But it's hard for me to keep a manicure good for 3 days or more.  I know about Seche Vite but don't like that it has toluene.  So when I saw the comment about Nubar I searched it out and it had a lot of good reviews and was toluene free! So I bought the Diamont topcoat and their base coat from Amazon and gave it a try!

And the results were great!!
I painted my nails Saturday night before bed and they lasted until Wednesday without a chip! 4 days!! I have never got that before with Sally (sorry bout ya girl!) I've used Julep's Freedom topcoat but it hasn't lasted 4 days yet.  

This was taken on Tuesday...

And these were taken Thursday afternoon.  Wednesday evening I noticed a small chip on my right pointer but look at my ring, pinkie, and thumb fingers! They're all still pretty good! I am impressed! 
(sorry the right one is kinda blurry! pics!)

Now I didn't clean house because I was waiting until today (hubby's been gone and I wanted the house to be it's cleanest for his return!)  but I did do dishes and bath time and I put a bookshelf together on Tuesday!
And once the chips got going it did come off in chunks and I found I could peel the polish right off.  I don't know if that's bad or good.  But as far as finding a topcoat that lasts longer than 2-3 days I am well pleased!  If, after using it more, anything changes I'll let ya know!

Happy Friday lovelies!!

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Pitter and Glink said...

I love a good topcoat! Thanks for the info. :)