Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vintage Gwen Chapel-30 Words Book Review

{Instagrammed the day I started 30 Words!}

I have another book review today! 
Some how or another I stumbled upon Jarrid Wilson and his 30 Words Book on Instagram. More than likely it was because I was looking through the She Reads Truth hashtag. Yes I am a hashtag creeper! 
What else is a hashtag for? 
30 Words is a devotion that takes a word about God and our relationship with Him and studies it out for a day.  So there's 30 different words, scriptures and Jarrid's take on the daily word. I loved this concept.  It's concise. I like devotions as opposed to 'self help' Christian books....I know they are good for you but it's hard for me to stay with it and finish it out.  With 30 Words, because Jarrid shared his insights, I kinda felt like I was reading one of those 'self helps'. I'm ready for another 30 Words actually!  
Here's one of my favorite quotes.....

 "Satan will try and distract you the second God's truth starts to attract you."-Jarrid Wilson

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So if  you are in the market for a new devotion I highly recommend this one! I bought the ebook because I didn't want to wait for it to come in the mail!
And if you're in the market to follow inspiring people then follow Jarrid. Even though he is very much geared towards ministering to his generation...which I think is outstanding and so very much needed....he still is a minister and is addressing some tough issues. 
Find his book here and find him here.

Happy Saturday!!!

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