Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Soiree Day-Father's Day Gift Ideas

So I was folding Hunkie's laundry and came across one of his favorite tshirts.  It's so favored that both armpits have holes.  I brought this to his attention and was immediately met with a "don't you even think about getting rid of that tshirt!" look.  Uh huh.  So he hinted at getting him a new one for Father's day.  That and some peace and quiet. Well! 
Here's some gift ideas I found including what kind of new shirt I'd get him!

Hunkie has to stay clean shaven for his job and he's been using the classic safety razors.  I thought the Popeye kit was fun!!  I've always thought branding irons were a unique gift. And how about a sophisticated guy mason jar! And then instead of the slightly cheesy #1 Dad tshirt....you know the kind at Walmart?.....get dad a tshirt of his favorite vehicle brand or favorite band or in our case favorite big rig. 

What's on your Father's Day gift idea list?

Happy Tuesday!

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