Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vintage Gwen Chapel-Sing To The Tomb

I was going to prepare somewhat of a worship set for today, it being Easter weekend.  But when I got to thinking about which songs to share, well the set would be long! 
So I picked one.  Now this song may not be very Easter-y to you but as a christian aren't all songs basically about what Jesus did and still does for us? As I was listening to this I actually got caught up thinking about today.  Jesus has been crucified and is in the tomb.  Knowing what I know....that Sunday is Resurrection...I pictured myself singing this song outside the tomb. You know sometimes we think a situation is dead, that there's no hope.  But God is not done working.  Work has to be done in the unseen before we have victory. 
So I challenge you to sing to the tomb today. 
For sweet victory is just a day away.

Be blessed this weekend!

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