Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Soiree Day-Personal Shower Prep

Been working on personal shower prep for the same bride to be this last week! The bride was gracious to let me give her a personal shower and it's this weekend and I'm excited for it!  I'm calling it a personal shower because it will by no means be the typical bachelorette party.  I'm going for classy but fun.  The bride had told me that she loves Spring.  So taking that fact, some lavender cake plates that I've yet to use and a cute champagne gold makeup case given to me by my Mary Kay lady I had my inspiration.  
Here's my inspiration board...

found all images via Google here's the links:

I'm planning on doing my own version of a tasting party with purple foods, so should be fun! And have some simple games planned.  I'll share all the details next week hopefully!

Happy Tuesday!

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