Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vintage Bird True Love Wedding Shower

Ok I know it's not Soiree Day but really, really want to share the wedding shower we hosted last Saturday at my church! First of all, it has been crazy at church! Our entire building has been remodeled and I was sweatin' it just a little bit to see if our new commons area would be done in time for the shower and wowee it was! We've had some awesome crews bustin' it out I tell ya!  And it was while I was trying to edit pics that it  dawned on me I should have gotten a whole room shot! But as it goes, we were working right up until time on prep and so I rushed to get the pics that I did so these aren't perfect.  
The theme was vintagey bird, true love, with colors of navy and burgundy. Almost all of the true decor items are my mother's! Yep, I walked her house and said I went this, this, and this! Then a few things are mine such as the band case that looks like a suitcase that I used in the entry and the corks boards.  And all the serving dishes are mine and my mom's as well. 
Sometimes it pays to have a love of serving dishes!!

Thank You Favor:
I was so excited about these! I saw a 6 egg carton used for mini cupcakes on Pinterest and thought it was cute.  Well when I started looking for them discovered you can get them in 4 egg, 3 egg, and even 2 egg!  So in the nick of time I was able to get some 2 egg and filled them with 'eggs' aka jordan almonds!
 Goes perfect with the theme!!
Check out From Soul's Etsy shop for awesome, unique containers!

Making a label for every item can be overwhelming to me at times, I love the look but I also love the look of a menu. I had intended on painting 2 Dollar Tree pizza pans and use one in the entry and one for the menu but conditions have not been right to paint outside lately and went with a cork board instead! I love how it turned out!
(I made the flower mints and they were so easy that I told my sister I'm going to have to make them more often!)

When I found the navy frames in the $2 section at Michael's I knew I wanted to use them for the centerpieces.  I then added vintage books, birdcage or birdhouse also from Michael's and baby's breath. Then set everything on a 12x12 piece of canvas I found in the scrapbooking section of Hobby Lobby.  All the frames have 'true love' sayings. 
(This one was my favorite.) ☺

We had a great turn out and played some fun games....Couples of the Bible, Guess the Cookie Cutters, and What's in the Bride to Be's Purse.  The purse game was so fun and funny! She had a Taco Bell fire sauce packet and a package of microwave popcorn with her! Ah I loved it!

It was great! So worth all the work!

Happy Thursday!

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