Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Favorite Things Blogiversary Party-Day 4

Welcome to another day of the My Favorite Things party!
And Happy Valentine's Day!
Have you found the Instagram of the 'prize pile'?
Excited to have a very hip blogger sharing today!

Hello everyone, I'm Marilyn next door over from The ArtsyGirl Connection.
I am very happy to be able to join in and share with you lovely pals of Jen's today!
bIg congratulations jen on your blogiversa​ry
& thanks for inviting me to come paaaaaaaaaaarty
Here's a bit about my favorite thing I'm loving lately under $6..
What's YOURS..? I'm always UP for a fun Bargain for my bucks..
. my favorite item under $6
i'm obsessed. with  lately is burlap .
Mini Chalkboard (Add to Wreath)

Really, simply & truly amazing craft MUST have for the buck!
My local fabric store sells a yard for only ……DRUMROLL *4.99!!!

I’ve been burlap obsessed for ever! There’s SO much to make out of a simple yard
and it really goes a long way for multiple craft idea’s for every occasion.

Here's a great tutorial on a simple burlap flower.
Pinned Image

and a million fun idea's you can tackle with your yard of burlaps..
A Few Of My Recent
FAVORITE Burlap Pins
Via A Little Crafting ~ Burlap Banner

Pinned Image
Heart Bags ~ I Adore Them!
Pinned Image
Thanks so much for indulging in my fun item shared here today.
Hope to get to know all about yours as well.
Thank you JEN for having me as always..
Wishing you all an amazing day &
a wonderfully heart filled FEB!
Who doesn't love burlap?! And looks like the trend is expanding to printed versions and ribbon!  So when I went to get some I couldn't pass up the chevron!

Oh the fun that will be had with that! So I splurged a little and got what was left on a bolt which was almost 1/2 a yard of the regular burlap and then got a full yard of the chevron! 

Have you entered yet?
So far there's Sauve Mousse (and I added some Shine Spray!), 16 pieces of fun felt, fab Maybelline Mascara and now burlap! 

Happy Love Day!

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