Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Soiree Day-Wedding Shower Prep

I'm excited for this week! We have the sweetest couple getting married in our church next month and this Saturday is their shower.  I've got some fun crafting on my to do list along with all the prep.  Thought I'd share my inspired theme I've got in my head that I hope plays out like I've pictured it! 
The bride to be showed me a picture of a wedding cake she liked that I have used as my guide.  It had kinda vintagey blue birds as the topper and red flowers. Her colors are navy and burgundy.
 Here's a graphic I made in PicMonkey that I used on their invitation:

And here's what I'm using to inspire me....

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Unknown said...

Ewwwww me either! Love it all! You know if you ever want help..just call! :)